Lifestyle Newborn Session // Baby Max Malone

Mollie and Ryan have made the picture perfect life together! After getting married just a few short years ago they have just welcomed their second sweet little baby boy Max to their family! I couldn't be more honored to share the first few days of this new expanded family's life! 

Thank you Mollie for being so sweet and wonderful! You truly have a beautiful family and home.

Lifestyle "Play Date" Family Session // Boise Idaho

Have you thought of having family photos taken in your house? With all the things you have that make a house a home, it makes the best backdrop for a lifestyle photography session. We cuddled on the couch, we tickled on the bed, we played in the nursery and giggled on the front porch. I love this type of session, do you? Contact Let it Shine photography to book your next session indoors! 

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Lifestyle Family Session l Family of 7

Today is picture day. Your family  gets showered up and dressed in their best outfits, you tell (bribe) them to be good for the photos and then they will get a treat. You head off to a park or beautiful location to take the photos and pray that your kids are in a good mood. STRESS. This is not your family. When do you ever look like that or behave so perfectly? Lets get real. If you want to get a real life snap shot of your family lets start at the house. Its an adventure. A play date. Your kids can be themselves, they can dress themselves and just be them. They can show me their toys and play with them. We can giggle on the bed and tickle on the couch. I want to capture a memory, a glimpse into your life. A memory that you can feel and see. This is what a shoot with Let it Shine will be like for you.

If you have a family of 7 you know that everyday is an adventure. Marlon has been on the pastoral staff at our church for the past few years and every time I have seen his family I have wanted to document them. But it had to be special, not the everyday type of shoot BUT the kind where you can feel what they felt and see what they saw, real life. This is what I wanted for them, a day in the life of the Brown family. So the deal was, no script, no expectations, just a lot of fun! So here they are at their finest! Enjoy a glimpse into their amazing world!