She Said YES!! // Steven and Cassie // Idaho Botanical Gardens Proposal

Steven called me this last Friday from Tennessee asking if I had a last minute opening to come out and photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Cassie. He was coming into town for the weekend. His plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens, find a good spot and have me capture it. The only issue was that he had never met me and how was I going to get close enough and not be suspicious...SOooo I thought I'll bring the family. I had Aaron play with Amelia super close to them so that I could pretend I was taking pictures of her. (with a 70-200mm lol, you can see them in the background) So it was the perfect cover!! I am so thankful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Sand Dunes Engagement // Bruneau Idaho

I am not good with words which is why I haven't written much on my blog posts BUT.....THIS. SHOOT. RIGHT. HERE.....

First of all, these two are absolutely stunning together.. I mean look at them. Second, the location...I had been wanting to shoot out at Bruneau Sand Dunes for so long so I brought up the idea to Sarah to see if she would want to drive out there and she jumped at the opportunity to get dressed up and play in the sand. She got her makeup done by the amazing Meghan Cozine and ordered a dress special for this location. The colors they chose were perfect for the shoot. If you haven't walked in sand lately, its not easy...we joked around as we tried to gracefully walk through it, plus I am in terrible shape since the baby. We had so much fun. The light was amazing and the wind was perfect. Overall, I couldn't have asked for ANYTHING more!! Their wedding is next month and I seriously can't wait!!! XO