Boise Wedding Photography: Dane + Sylvia

Last year I was searching craigslist, which I did daily, and came across a photographer that was quitting her business and had a ton of equipment to sell. I immediately called her and met up at her house. Her name was Trish Scott. She had worked in the industry for a long time and had built up a clientele that she was sad to leave. I picked her brain and we discussed all kinds of photography topics. It was a really fun time. She told me that she would refer me to her clients as they came to her.

I was very happy to hear from her recently as she had a client that was having a short ceremony over lunch and wanted her to shoot the event. She had moved on from photography so she emailed me if I would be interested and of course I said yes!

His name is Dane Meuler and her name is Sylvia. We met at Starbucks and discussed the day. I asked questions and they laughed together. They were flying to a much warmer climate for their honeymoon where they would take their official photos but still wanted the ceremony captured. I was happy to do it!

It was a Friday and we met up at Asiagos restaurant downtown Boise. The sun was out but a cool breeze kept Sylvia in goose bumps during the outdoor photos. The ceremony took place in a small room with one end lined with wine bottles. Such a romantic atmosphere. Dane and Sylvia were so appreciative and easy going that it was a literal dream to do.  Here are a few shots of the lunch hour ceremony.