Boise Child Photography: Gabby gets serious!

 So I believe that I have successfully infiltrated the "police department"! My bestest girly Sonia Lopez works for dispatch at the police department and can't seem to keep her mouth shut about me, I just don't know why! LOL! I am so thankful for her and all the ladies that have chosen me for their family photos. 
Crystal called me as a referral from another client there and needed to get pictures of her little girl Gabby.  We decided to keep it simple and head out to the field near both of our houses- she lives a stone throw from me. The second we got her out in the field, she stayed very serious. As she watched the cars drive by, Crystal and I probably sounded a little crazy with our high squeeky voices and looked a little strange waving our hands around to get her to look and to smile. All in all we definitely showcased little Gabby on that day. She is absolutely adorable.