Boise Children Photography: Silly Kendrick Sisters!

Hello everyone!! I know its been FOREVER since I posted last but I have many good reasons: 1.) I got married!! Finally Aaron and I were able to get away and have the most beautiful wedding with family and friends. It was an amazing time and I am so thankful to be a "wife" now! :) 2.) I was asked to second shoot a wedding for my girlfriend, sister, photographer Latasha Haynes! Her husband who normally shoots with her wasn't able to go so she thankfully chose ME!! The wedding was in Montana at Glacier National Park and was AMAZING!! Seriously, I don't know what I have done to deserve all these blessings in a row!! Ok so now back to work...I have been cranking out shoot after shoot and haven't had the chance to blog them so here we go!
Ann Kendrick was the winner of a photoshoot that I donated to Ameriben IEC Group for their Christmas party back in January. She wanted to get some photos of her girls and of course we ran into some snags right away. It was really windy! Not only that but the river was at flood stage so we were run out of the spots we were going to use...Oh well right? You haven't seen silly till you have been around these girls. I have learned over the past year shooting a TON of kids, that you shouldn't ever plan on getting the perfect "sit up straight and smile" photos. I don't really care for those anyways. I always plan for a few of those in the beginning and then let loose! These girls were so much fun I can't even tell you, you'll just have to see for yourself!! Thank you for looking and I will post again very very soon!!