Boise Children Photography: Sarich Brothers Playdate!

 When Kelly asked me to come over for dinner I already started planning out in my mind what I was going to have the kids do for a photo shoot! Kelly and I have known eachother for about a million years, well more like 12 years, but before she had Hallie so a LONG time. She made chicken alfredo and we all sat at the table and laughed at Ayden telling stories about zombies! Yes he is 4 but he knows how to kill zombies! I told him to go put on a superhero outfit to take some pictures so he ran to the room and came back with a Barbarian outfit! We went outside and played in the front yard. When we came back in Bennett was put to bed but I hadn't shot him yet so we decided to go up to his room and take a few of him playing in the crib. He was NOT tired so Kelly grabbed him and dressed him up- time for photoshoot #2! So much fun even though it was not planned...I just love these kids!!