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BOISE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER: When I met Mandy last year I had to literally pick my jaw up off the ground! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Then I took a look at her boys and freaked out again! Seriously! How did I get to take their pictures!?? So when she contacted me again for a family shoot with her husband, I couldn't contain myself! I practically jumped out of my skin! So to kick of 2012, I'd like to present the kind of session that I would love to offer! It starts of exploring...picking up sticks, throwing rocks, playing hide and go seek and making faces. We plop the kids in a pose here and there so that we don't get them too cranky. I have found that if you make something sound fun and look fun, they will want to do it! I want to create a memory instead of just a photo session! So this session pretty much is exactly that! We had a blast! It was kinda cold but you know boys, they didn't care a bit! We ended the sessions with giant suckers and I couldn't have been more pleased! So.... Perfect family...YES PLEASE!!!!
 Happy New YEAR!!!!