Boise Engagement Photography: Katie + Eric

What can I say about Katie and Eric?? You should see them around each other, its like they have already spent a lifetime together. They have been dating for years and are totally comfortable and laid back with everything. They told me, "just do whatever you think"! I LOVE when brides do that! They awkwardly giggled when I told them to look at each other- which by the way happens almost every time.  Its not everyday that you get to be "lovey dovey" in front of the camera with your hunny. It makes for the best pictures. 
When I met up with Katie, her mom Tina (who I LOVE) and her daugther, I felt like part of the family right away! I kept thinking how I wanted to get this girl in front of my camera! WOW! So so beautiful. LOOK at her strong features. I am dying to shoot their wedding in March. Eric did exactly what the guy should do...let the girl take the focus. He was absolutely perfect. We only had about 20 minutes to shoot this but it goes to show what you can get with such a small amount of time.
Oh and don't do an early morning shoot in a field after it has been raining and snowing the days before, makes for some super muddy shoes!! FYI