Wedding Photography Boise: CHAD + KRISTI

Every Sunday I would see Chad come into the restaurant I worked at to watch his football team play. I'm not going to disclose his team, since he was/is a die hard fan and they didn't always win needless to say I got to know him pretty well. He always cracked me up! If you know Chad he has a kind of quiet sense of humor and a very distinct laugh. When he mentioned he had met a girl, I was SUPER nosy and wanted to know ALL about her! When he finally brought her in, I knew she was the one by the way they looked at each other and laughed together. I was just so happy to see him find someone great! Kristi is a doll! When we did the engagement session I really got the chance to know her and we both ganged up on Chad to give him a hard time! He proved he could take the abuse! I am so thankful that they chose me to share this very special day with them! I truly felt like part of both their families! Kristi's girls were gorgeous and I had a blast giving the groomsmen a hard time.

I had the pleasure to work with Kristen at BLISS EVENTS and was very pleased with her and her team. DJ Dave got the place rockin and took me back to my dancin days. I think at some parts of the night we were rockin out more than the guests!!! (kind of embarrassing since I have lost my groove). All in all it was a beautiful day for 2 beautiful people! Congratulations to you both!!!

 And they lived happily ever after...