Sari + Lucus // Montana Wedding Photography, Great Northern Resort, West Glacier National Park, Montana

 THIS IS LONG 9 months. When Latasha asked me if I was available to shoot with her at a wedding in Montana 2 weeks after my own wedding, I could not resist! A wedding at Glacier National Park?? Yes please. She flew me up to Seattle where we jumped in a rental car and "ROAD TRIP'ed" it through the panhandle of Idaho over into BIG SKY country! I can't lie, there was A LOT, I mean ALOT of singing and laughing! What a fun time!! The wedding was at Great Northern Resort in West Glacier and the views were STUNNING. When you get the chance to second shoot with a photographer you do your best to help hold the reflector carry bags, get water and just about anything the lead asks for. In our case, since we had been friends for so long Tasha wouldn't let me JUST do that. She wanted me to shoot shoot shoot! I did get the chance to capture some great images but to see all the greatness of this wedding please visit the link here. I cannot thank Latasha enough for thinking of me to be the second photographer there to help her in the absence of her hubby Isaiah, who, I guess had to work...:/hmm what is that? LOL! I am thankful to also be helping her with a wedding at the end of this month in Seattle!! I can't wait! HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE SHOTS. Disclaimer: I decided to edit a little differently then my typical edit just to play.

One last shot from the lake before sunset! Beautiful experience!! #thankful