She Said YES!! // Steven and Cassie // Idaho Botanical Gardens Proposal

Steven called me this last Friday from Tennessee asking if I had a last minute opening to come out and photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Cassie. He was coming into town for the weekend. His plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens, find a good spot and have me capture it. The only issue was that he had never met me and how was I going to get close enough and not be suspicious...SOooo I thought I'll bring the family. I had Aaron play with Amelia super close to them so that I could pretend I was taking pictures of her. (with a 70-200mm lol, you can see them in the background) So it was the perfect cover!! I am so thankful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thomas Family // Spring Photos Boise, Idaho

Look at how adorable this family is with the sweetest little girl!! I die over little sweethearts like her!!! <3

Lytle Family // Boise Idaho Family Session

I have known Alex for a ton of years and was SUPER excited when he booked a session with his wife and his ADORABLE son!! We laughed, read books, and played with big sticks. I just love these types of sessions! Thank you Jen and Alex for being so wonderful!!! <3

Dominic and Elynn // College of Idaho Wedding

The College of Idaho played a very important roll in the making of a marriage for Elynn and Dominic.  They met each other just steps away from where he finally asked her to marry him. It was under the big pine tree right outside Sterry Hall in the Morrison Quadrangle so it was fitting to get celebrate there too! What a beautiful day for the perfect wedding.