In Home Lifestyle Session // The Woodford's

You know when a picture makes you "feel" as if you were there? You can hear the laughter, feel the tickles, touch the little toes...? Everyone says that before you know it they are grown and you wonder where all the time went. When I walk into your home my goal is to document the "feel", allow you to walk right back into that moment, something real and not too posed or perfected. Since I have become a mother, this rings more and more true. I can't miss this time with her, it all goes by in a blink of an eye....I think every family should be remembered this way.

Boise Lifestyle Newborn Session // The Petersen Family

When I first started photographing babies, 6 years ago, I quickly realized that I was drawn to the "day in the life of" or "lifestyle" sessions. I always loved the look of babies perfectly posed with props and backdrops BUT I just loved being there in the clients home, documenting a time in their lives when a new baby arrived, with no script or exact game plan. The moments aren't always perfect, they aren't always in the best lighting, the mom and dad are most likely running off of 1 hour of sleep BUT, because of all that it really IS perfect. What I would give to have pictures of my mom and dad with me, pictures of my nursery, little toys and books, things that my family prepared for me. What I would give to see how young my mom was and beautiful those moments would have been. The session isn't always to see what the new baby looks like, although its definitely a HUGE part of it, but its more about the memory of the family, together, for the first time. I love being in the environment where the mommy wakes up to feed the baby in the middle of night, sometimes every hour. I love seeing the place where now every day will be the place where this family will call home. Its such a special documentary of a new time in the family's life. 

I'm always so honored to be a part of such a special, intimate time...Thank you Randi!