My soon to be HUBBY!

So, I haven't blogged about my sweetheart Aaron yet...Im so bad. First of all, I don't know what I did to deserve such a perfect guy! He is exactly what I was looking for from the beginning although I got off the path for awhile.

I met Aaron at Old Chicago in 2007. It was his first couple days in Boise after being recruited to Boise State to play basketball. The only person that he knew was a guy named Jim. Jim and Aaron were roomates at junior college in California and played basketball together there. Jim and I worked together! So.....God brought Aaron all the way from California, not only just to Idaho, or to Boise, or even Boise State, but to MY WORK! God is so good. He had the hots for me right off :) I am the older woman BUT he still wanted to get to know me. From then on it was wonderful!

Last year we got baptized together in the Boise River along with 100's of other people. We spend almost all of our time together and always have since the beginning. He is very calm and patient. Super silly once you get to know him. Kids and animals FLOCK to him, I'm not kidding! He's dreamy..ha ha!! May 22 of this year he proposed so now he is really in for it. I am so excited to see where God puts us both. He has brought me a promising career in Photography and also has taken Aaron to Poza Rica Veracruz Mexico! We will just have to see where He takes us next!