Nick~ Lori and the Sarich Boys

Its funny how you meet one person and they introduce you to many more people. My friend Kelly married Matt Sarich, who happens to be Nick's brother. I met Lori and the boys at Kelly's wedding last August. We did a shoot with the boys earlier this year and she decided she wanted a family shoot for the Holidays. Lori, bless her heart, recommended me to a friend Mandy who I also had a shoot with this week. I just got a call from Mandy's friend Jeannie for a shoot next THANK YOU Kelly for introducing me to Lori-Mandy-and Jeannie!!

Although Kolt, the youngest was not in the mood for pictures we tricked him and got some good ones despite his efforts.  Luke had NO problem smiling the whole time. He is a natural! I am so thankful for the Sarich families!!