Boise Wedding Photography: Rebecca + Brian

It always amazes me how God works. When I met up with Leah Henry to give her a disc of her pictures she mentioned to me how her friend Rebecca was getting married in December and didn't have a photographer set up yet. She asked if I'd be interested. "Are you kidding??" Of course! I am always up for a shoot, especially right before Christmas. So she called Rebecca right away as I waited by her car.  It was fun to hear her describe "her" photographer, she was selling for me! I love that, another referral. So, I set up an appointment and met up with her and Brian. What a sweet couple. You could tell instantly they were in love. The way they looked at eachother and the way they interacted, it was so refreshing. They said they would get back to me and sure enough a week later they said, "We talked it over and would like you to be OUR photographer." 

The day of the wedding, we had clear skies but cold. I was praying that the weather would be nice enough outside for wasn't. It started to pour rain, then the heaviest snow storm of the season proceeded to show up. Oh well, you can only do what you can!

The wedding was short, sweet and simple. My friend Becky showed up to help and we all had a great time. Thank you Rebecca and Brian. Bless you and your life together.