Joe Human~Designs By Human

I started blogging when I decided to take photography on seriously in 2009. I had zero followers for months. I didn't really expect a lot at first because I was mostly posting personal work. One day I had a follower! Designs by Human . Who is that? I didn't care really who it was, I had a follower and it wasn't my mom. So, I checked out who he was and contacted him. We met up for coffee downtown and hit it off. I told him if he ever needed photos of his designs to call me. I could use them in my portfolio. He talked it over with his wife and together we have worked on 4 designs with more to come. Every house I walk into the client Raves about Mayra and Joe. They love them! So it looks like I found a great business relationship. I also found out that we both go to the same church too!

Without further are some photos from our last shoot.