Boise Family Photography: Cousins in Hats

Becky has been my friend for about 19 years....I know, so needless to say Ive been around her family since way before all these kiddies were born. When she told me her brother David, his wife Lori and their boys were in town for the Holidays I was stoked to see them. She said that she'd like to get all the kids in a photo since most of them were here in Boise. Of course I drooled over the opportunity. These kids are sooooooo photogenic and stylish so I was extra extra excited.

It was a very cold day but the kids were troopers and smiled through it. The older kids played on the train car while others stomped on the ice. It took all the moms and dads to get the kids to "look and smile" If you heard us all, you would have laughed, but hey you do what you've got to do to get the shot. Debbie's girls killed me with their shots! When I got home to edit the pictures I looked at Aaron and said, "This is what you hope and pray for," showing him a shot that I happened to get of the girls hugging and giggling.

I had the best time and can't wait to shoot any and/or ALL of them again!

Happy Monday and GOD BLESS YOU!