Blog? Where have you been?? oops, where have "i" been?

ALOT has happened since I last saw you. And by that I mean Everything has happened, it seems like.

I am planning my own wedding..... and failing miserably at it. I signed up on or was it and there is apparently a timeline to get some of these important tasks done and I am WAY behind. So far I have ordered the dress, the photography and the venue. I bought some save the dates from a company called and I love them. But I am late getting those out too! wah wah... What good is having save the dates if people dont get them? sigh...I have been so blessed to have the best FIANCE,MOM, DAD, step mom, future mother in law and friends. They have literally been my lifeline, a shoulder to cry on and constant encouragement and support when i desperately needed it. I cannot wait for this day to get here. July 2nd.

Then I got to have "THE MOST AMAZING, WONDERFUL, JAWDROPPING, INFORMATIVE, CRAZY and EXPENSIVE" time at I met the celebrities of photography! A literal dream come true. My "mentor/top 5 friend" and her husband were there and took me under their wing. Since she knew practically everyone I stood as the 3rd wheel and LOVED every second of it. Seriously. My girl Julie Jerome, Tasha, Isaiah and I hiked up Red Rock Canyon, and witnessed one of the most beautiful views Ive seen.

Being home is a relief and also the beginning point from which I will grow, expand, and reach new goals that I only dream of. God is good and is always good. No matter how hard things get I know He is in ultimate control and His timing is "razor sharp". I am so thankful to be here and to see the potential that everyone else sees in me. Talk to you again soon...