Jamie + Kelby Married: Eagle, Idaho Wedding Photographer

I love spending time months before a wedding collaborating and planning with the bride and groom. I get to know the brides and by the time the wedding comes it truly is like I am part of the family!! Here is Jamie and Kelby!

I am so terrible at writing BUT I have to tell you about this wedding. First off they had the ceremony and reception at Jamie's parents house where she grew up. Talk about a beautiful property! The day started out perfect. Jamie was calm and totally cool the whole time, my type of bride! She got ready with both her sisters and her mom by her side. There was lots of laughing and a little crying...just a little.

Kelby and Jamie decided to not see each other before the ceremony so we decided to plan a special moment so they could be together without "looking". Jamie held back the tears as she walked out the door to be with Kelby. While holding hands he said a beautiful prayer for them both.

The ceremony was set in the front yard near their pond. There wasn't a dry eye in the place while Kelby said his vows. I had a hard time too...Im such a sap though. The reception was bananas!! Everyone was having so much fun! There is always that one guy that makes it "happen" on the dance floor and I'm sure after seeing the pictures you will know who I mean!

A huge thank you to Jamie and Kelby-you guys ROCK! A crazy huge thank you to Tamara Kenyon who came out and helped me take photos of the guys and the ceremony!! I could just hug her over and over!! Another thank you to Leslie at Incredible Edibles who did a fantastic job setting up such a beautiful event! Jamie's beautiful mother and amazing father for being such gracious hosts to everyone! And to all the rest of the guests, thank you for letting me get in your personal bubble to get the shots I needed!!

God Bless you Jamie and Kelby! I pray that you have a long and wonderful marriage with lots of babies! HAHA! Maybe even triplets! (jamie is a triplet!)



And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! :)