Darren + Robin Mr & Mrs: NO BUSINESS LODGE McCall, Donnelly Wedding Photography

Darren and Robin came all the way from Washington DC to the mountains of Donnelly, Idaho to say their "I DO's" in front of friends and family at the NO BUSINESS LODGE . They planned a whole week of activities for all those who traveled including, fishing, swimming, shooting, bonfires and laughter. Wedding day to do's were delegated to help the day go smoothly. It was so fun seeing people swimming in the river, some were preparing food for the day in the kitchen, the brothers were using a chainsaw to make the altar, while others were moving chairs and decorating! It was a bustling day. Although there was a storm looming, everyone was in good spirits preparing a backup option for the reception in a nearby garage. Smiles were everywhere!


 (When you run out of gas in the chainsaw of course you siphon from your car right?)

The setting was absolutely gorgeous! The lodge sat on a ledge overlooking the river, it was a stunning view. Robin was the most laid back bride I have had in a long time. She calmly tied up loose ends while her mother finished up tailoring her hand made dress. Darren and his guys were a blast! Since Robin and Darren met at ULTIMATE FRISBEE, we had to make some time to play a little bit.

The ceremony was interrupted by a roll of thunder during the vows that made everyone laugh! When the rain finally poured down everyone scrambled to a window or ran outside to see the massive double rainbow!! What an amazing memory!

 Enjoy their joyful day! And keep an eye out for funny hats...this lodge has a wall of head gear that got some good use on the dance floor!!! Congratulations to you ROBIN AND DARREN!!