Matt + Lindsay // Boise Wedding Photography, The Grove Hotel Boise, The Crystal Ballroom Wedding

The Grove Hotel Boise was a beautiful venue to host such a glamorous wedding. The day started with a spread of fruits and muffins and lots of fun drinks. The girls were all pampered with hair and makeup. When I say STUNNING I mean it when it comes to this bride. This was one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever been a part of. The ceremony took place on the 4th floor balcony that overlooked the city. Although it was near 100 degrees we were all able to make it through. A short limo ride is all it took to get to the reception at The Hoff Building. This is where the real party started and to say they let loose, that would be an understatement! All and all it was an absolutely unforgettable day!

Fowler Family // Boise Lifestyle Family Photography

You would never guess how this shoot came to be. I do quite a bit of real estate photography and early this week I shot a beautifully styled home with an equally beautiful family photographed all over the walls. I looked a bit closer at the photos as I typically do in all houses and realized that I recognized the dad. His name is Nate Fowler. He is a singer, songwriter, husband, dad and farmer. Here is his biography: natefowlermusicpage. He is somewhat of a local celebrity! Not only that but his wife is absolutely stunning! AND to make everything better there was a precious, beautiful, darling, sweetheart of a baby girl in the photos too!! Oh you should see the nursery...

So here I am in a beautiful house with beautiful people in the pictures on the wall and thought I wonder if they would let me take their photos in this house...EEK! I totally facebook stalked Launa and messaged her she said YES! and here it is!! I am so overly happy and thrilled with the results! Meet Elliot, the prettiest girl this side of the Mississippi!!! :) 

Van + Stacie // Boise Wedding Photography, The Rose Room Wedding




A Huge Thank you to these great businesses:
Dress: David's Bridal Boise  
Tuxes: Sweetheart Manor Boise 
Shoes: Dillards
Makeup Artist: Megan Pilote
Hair: Stacie
Flowers: Blooms and Balloons Kuna Idaho
Cake: Chris Wyatt of Amaru Confections
Catering: A Lively Chef
Event Design: Adele of Blooms and Balloons with Stacie & her mother
Wedding Coordinator: Holly
Second Photographer: Tamara Messinger of Tamara Kenyon Photography

Pinterest: My Love/Hate Relationship with it in my business

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos.(

When I first opened this site I was hooked!! What an ingenious tool to keep track of inspirational ideas! I was a "pinning maniac". I would spend hours and hours just looking at everything. I used it in my business of photography for posing, clothing and design ideas. If I was stuck at a shoot I could pull out my phone and quickly get another fun idea to jump from. Too bad I couldn't just keep this secret to myself...

The introduction of Pinterest to the world has become an obstacle. What once took a bit of searching and researching for is available with one click. For example: Searching "Wedding Photography" comes up with this...
 ooooohh right? There are so many beautiful photos by very talented photographers around the world, many are award winning and teach other photographers as well. You could spend hours looking and pinning and pinning some more! It is so helpful with picking dress colors, venue decorations, down to every little detail (I wish I had this when I planned my wedding).

The difficult part as a photographer myself is establishing and being true to my own style. A little side note here is IT IS SO HARD TO DO THIS! I don't mean to yell but it really is hard to do. I started out shooting everything and I mean everything that anyone wanted me to do and I wasn't good at everything sadly. So, I decided to narrow my emphasis and shoot what I love and shoot it the way I saw it. This meant that wasn't going to shoot every kind of pose anymore, I wanted a "look" that people could identify with and expect.

Back to pinterest, which I really do LOVE. It provided the ideas for the style that I liked. It gave me the inspiration to go further, to go bigger and to be better for my clients...BUT it also was a breeding ground for ideas that weren't my style. It was a place where EVERY style was present and available for the picking. Instead of providing my clients with my own personal style which I strive to be a mix of my very very favorite lighting, poses and emotions I have now become a "glorified tripod" asking which pinterest photo do you want me to do next?

How do we change this? I love that potential clients can give me some ideas of what they like. This helps in a number of ways, it tells me if we are a good fit and if I can meet their expectations. Here is an example of a beautiful photo that I randomly picked off from the wedding photo gallery.
Image from Roberto Valenzuela rated top wedding photographers in the world by June Bug Weddings. BEAUTIFUL RIGHT?? This image was most likely captured in the middle of the day to mid afternoon to get the light placement just right. I am a photographer based in Boise, Idaho and I can't think of any place here locally that would have that grouping of trees with that perfect kiss of light through the leaves. Should the expectation be there to capture this type of shot when I don't have any of that style present in my portfolio? What can I do when a client pins this...I most likely have already failed.

My purpose in writing this article is to make aware the best use of pinterest to potential clients. Remember that the photo you pinned is of different people, in a different place with very specific lighting and conditions (some are also stylized and not real-time weddings etc). Use pinterest to get some ideas on what to wear, it can help SO much with that. Also use it to get some ideas for a type of location you may like to shoot at. Do you love the look of a field full of flowers or a forest full of beautiful trees? I can help bring my style to those locations.

I want to make beautiful pictures for you and your family, that is my First and Primary goal! If we are together with our expectations, I promise I will not only do my best but give you consistent and beautiful memories that you can gush over for years!

Thank you for reading!!


Leslie + Thomas // Boise Wedding Photography

Its not too often when you see two people just absolutely perfect for each other! When I met Leslie and Thomas, it was very clear how much they loved one another. The way Thomas smiled at her while she talked and how they both laughed at the exact same time! We had such a great time during our engagement shoot that I just couldn't wait to share their BIG DAY with them!

They were married at their home church BridgePointe. Leslie put on her dress in front of her best friends, mother, grandmother and close family in the church's nursery. When she was in her dress she began to cry and it was so sweet to see her grandmother speak uplifting words to her. What a wonderful group of ladies!

Now Thomas had the funniest group of guys! We lovingly called his brother Ron Burgundy because of his mustache! Since 2 of his groomsmen were his brothers you can probably guess how "serious" the guy shots were!! Even mom and dad were participating in the fun!

 All and all it was a wonderful day to spend with such great people! I pray they have a great marriage filled with amazing blessings...they really deserve it!

Dance OFF!!!
            Thank you Leslie & Thomas! You truly are wonderful!

Kayla + Jared // Fox Canyon Vineyards Wedding

Fox Canyon Vineyard Wedding: Kayla + Jared
I can't say enough wonderful things about these two! I am so thankful to have met them! I had a blast getting to know them this past year! After their engagement shoot they had a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to my house! I couldn't believe it! What a wonderful couple! They kept calling me BPE...which Im told stands for Best Photographer Ever! HAHA! I LOVE IT!! I was so happy to spend the day with them their friends and family! It was truly a beautiful day! 

Thank you for taking time to share in their special day with me!
 Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you Kayla and Jared! I pray your marriage will match how wonderful you two are! Xo

Darren + Robin Mr & Mrs: NO BUSINESS LODGE McCall, Donnelly Wedding Photography

Darren and Robin came all the way from Washington DC to the mountains of Donnelly, Idaho to say their "I DO's" in front of friends and family at the NO BUSINESS LODGE . They planned a whole week of activities for all those who traveled including, fishing, swimming, shooting, bonfires and laughter. Wedding day to do's were delegated to help the day go smoothly. It was so fun seeing people swimming in the river, some were preparing food for the day in the kitchen, the brothers were using a chainsaw to make the altar, while others were moving chairs and decorating! It was a bustling day. Although there was a storm looming, everyone was in good spirits preparing a backup option for the reception in a nearby garage. Smiles were everywhere!


 (When you run out of gas in the chainsaw of course you siphon from your car right?)

The setting was absolutely gorgeous! The lodge sat on a ledge overlooking the river, it was a stunning view. Robin was the most laid back bride I have had in a long time. She calmly tied up loose ends while her mother finished up tailoring her hand made dress. Darren and his guys were a blast! Since Robin and Darren met at ULTIMATE FRISBEE, we had to make some time to play a little bit.

The ceremony was interrupted by a roll of thunder during the vows that made everyone laugh! When the rain finally poured down everyone scrambled to a window or ran outside to see the massive double rainbow!! What an amazing memory!

 Enjoy their joyful day! And keep an eye out for funny hats...this lodge has a wall of head gear that got some good use on the dance floor!!! Congratulations to you ROBIN AND DARREN!!



Jamie + Kelby Married: Eagle, Idaho Wedding Photographer

I love spending time months before a wedding collaborating and planning with the bride and groom. I get to know the brides and by the time the wedding comes it truly is like I am part of the family!! Here is Jamie and Kelby!

I am so terrible at writing BUT I have to tell you about this wedding. First off they had the ceremony and reception at Jamie's parents house where she grew up. Talk about a beautiful property! The day started out perfect. Jamie was calm and totally cool the whole time, my type of bride! She got ready with both her sisters and her mom by her side. There was lots of laughing and a little crying...just a little.

Kelby and Jamie decided to not see each other before the ceremony so we decided to plan a special moment so they could be together without "looking". Jamie held back the tears as she walked out the door to be with Kelby. While holding hands he said a beautiful prayer for them both.

The ceremony was set in the front yard near their pond. There wasn't a dry eye in the place while Kelby said his vows. I had a hard time too...Im such a sap though. The reception was bananas!! Everyone was having so much fun! There is always that one guy that makes it "happen" on the dance floor and I'm sure after seeing the pictures you will know who I mean!

A huge thank you to Jamie and Kelby-you guys ROCK! A crazy huge thank you to Tamara Kenyon who came out and helped me take photos of the guys and the ceremony!! I could just hug her over and over!! Another thank you to Leslie at Incredible Edibles who did a fantastic job setting up such a beautiful event! Jamie's beautiful mother and amazing father for being such gracious hosts to everyone! And to all the rest of the guests, thank you for letting me get in your personal bubble to get the shots I needed!!

God Bless you Jamie and Kelby! I pray that you have a long and wonderful marriage with lots of babies! HAHA! Maybe even triplets! (jamie is a triplet!)



And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! :)

Brandon + Kelsie - A Surprise Proposal: Boise Wedding Photography

When Nena Earl, a local photographer friend, first asked me to help on this project, I was a bit intimidated! I know how important this is to Brandon, and since I hadn't done much video, I was super nervous! Although it isn't perfect, I think they will love to see this beautiful moment live in motion! A huge thank you to Nena and Brandon for letting me play a special role in this memory!! Congratulations to you Kelsie and Brandon!!!

Katie + Jay = Mr & Mrs Hirata: Boise Wedding Photographer, Boise Train Depot, The Modern Hotel

As May 12 neared, we all prayed for NO RAIN and as you will soon see, this day truly was a beautiful day for a wedding! A HUGE thank you to Katie and Jay for choosing me and to their families for being so fun! Last but not at all least TAMARA KENYON MESSINGER for helping me shoot the ceremony!! I am SO thankful to all the sweet people at the ceremony and the reception! I didn't realize we had so many dancers in the house!! Shout out to Katie and her sorority sisters who did a one of a kind salute to our bride on the dancefloor!! WOOT WOOT!!



Wedding Photography Boise: CHAD + KRISTI

Every Sunday I would see Chad come into the restaurant I worked at to watch his football team play. I'm not going to disclose his team, since he was/is a die hard fan and they didn't always win needless to say I got to know him pretty well. He always cracked me up! If you know Chad he has a kind of quiet sense of humor and a very distinct laugh. When he mentioned he had met a girl, I was SUPER nosy and wanted to know ALL about her! When he finally brought her in, I knew she was the one by the way they looked at each other and laughed together. I was just so happy to see him find someone great! Kristi is a doll! When we did the engagement session I really got the chance to know her and we both ganged up on Chad to give him a hard time! He proved he could take the abuse! I am so thankful that they chose me to share this very special day with them! I truly felt like part of both their families! Kristi's girls were gorgeous and I had a blast giving the groomsmen a hard time.

I had the pleasure to work with Kristen at BLISS EVENTS and was very pleased with her and her team. DJ Dave got the place rockin and took me back to my dancin days. I think at some parts of the night we were rockin out more than the guests!!! (kind of embarrassing since I have lost my groove). All in all it was a beautiful day for 2 beautiful people! Congratulations to you both!!!

 And they lived happily ever after...

Sari + Lucus // Montana Wedding Photography, Great Northern Resort, West Glacier National Park, Montana

 THIS IS LONG 9 months. When Latasha asked me if I was available to shoot with her at a wedding in Montana 2 weeks after my own wedding, I could not resist! A wedding at Glacier National Park?? Yes please. She flew me up to Seattle where we jumped in a rental car and "ROAD TRIP'ed" it through the panhandle of Idaho over into BIG SKY country! I can't lie, there was A LOT, I mean ALOT of singing and laughing! What a fun time!! The wedding was at Great Northern Resort in West Glacier and the views were STUNNING. When you get the chance to second shoot with a photographer you do your best to help hold the reflector carry bags, get water and just about anything the lead asks for. In our case, since we had been friends for so long Tasha wouldn't let me JUST do that. She wanted me to shoot shoot shoot! I did get the chance to capture some great images but to see all the greatness of this wedding please visit the link here. I cannot thank Latasha enough for thinking of me to be the second photographer there to help her in the absence of her hubby Isaiah, who, I guess had to work...:/hmm what is that? LOL! I am thankful to also be helping her with a wedding at the end of this month in Seattle!! I can't wait! HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE SHOTS. Disclaimer: I decided to edit a little differently then my typical edit just to play.

One last shot from the lake before sunset! Beautiful experience!! #thankful

Boise Family Photography: Hawley Family

When Candice wrote me, she said that she hadn't taken family pictures without a tripod EVER! I was immediately giddy with excitement when she sent me a picture of her little girls...a red head, blonde and brunette!! Are you kidding!? This family is perfect! From the moment we got there the girls were running and throwing sticks into the pond! It was the most perfect evening. This is how I want my family sessions to be! Enjoy!